Does This Sound Like You?

Are you stuck in your current position at work and looking to lead? Do you have a side-hustle that you are scared to jump into full-time? Not sure how to get people to follow or believe in you? 

Why This Course?

I have discovered the key to navigating your ideas to success so that you can live your ideal life full-time! If you are a Leader that has hit a wall in your career and need to navigate to the next adventure, these same Tycoon solutions will propel you too!

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We all want to fulfill our heart's desires but our mind gets in the way. I will help you stop chasing little fires and focus on big wins. Take your consciousness where your spirit wants to be!


Dr. Amera McCoy

CEO of McCoy Consulting LLC

Dr. Amera McCoy, an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, who is the Owner and Founder of McCoy Consulting LLC, an organization that offers a suite of services for businesses and individuals including consulting, coaching, content writing and classes. She is also a member for the Forbes Coaches Council. Prior to starting her own business Dr. McCoy worked within the financial industry for over 15 years. Her job roles entailed managing up to 50 people within Vendor Management, Change Management, and other business support roles. She worked closely with CEOs, senior leaders, business owners, future business leaders. Dr. McCoy found her passion in creating better business environments for people who dreaded coming to work. She worked to close the gap of happiness and passion through her business acumen and writing skills bringing real stories to her readers that addressed the truth of leadership failures. Her favorite quote is “not ever Owner is an Entrepreneur, not every Entrepreneur is a Leader, and not ever Leader is an Owner – being all three is rare.” Her consulting services continue to grow as she takes on more clients every year. Dr. McCoy received her Ph.D. in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She resides in Chicago, IL with her nine-year-old daughter.


“Absolutely awesome and professional business. So grateful to be doing business with a company that cares about the client. I am recommending McCoy Consulting to everyone I know. ”

Emma Mims, Owner Divine Touch Incorporated

"Dreamers are interesting, but dreamers who execute are successful"